A typical application for this new Invention:

This invention could be used in units such as monitoring bearing wear. The unit is connected by sensors to turbines, engines, plant & machinery so as to detect and monitor defects and wear in rotating parts, hitherto unseen, thus allowing planned or 'Just In Time' maintenance. All currently available frequency analyser units have to contain inbuilt anti-aliasing filters so as to block out all frequencies exceeding the capabilities of the A/D sampling unit, otherwise these higher frequencies would incorrectly show as aliased or 'wrapped around' signals. Unfortunately, if a defect caused a signal in these higher frequency ranges, it would obviously be filtered out by the anti-aliasing filters and so the defect would not be seen - it would thus be missed.

This unique approach does not include any anti-aliasing filters what-so-ever and therefore allows all frequencies to be sampled and analysed for defects by defeating the universally accepted Shannon's Sampling Theory. This allows a search for defects, which hitherto had always been filtered away and potentially missed. Additionally, signals in the THz band will be able to be analysed.
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