Holistic Signals Ltd have overcome the Nyquist and Shannon limitations on data capture - defeating Nyquist. No analogue or digital filtering is required to retrieve unambiguous signals of more than 2000 times the Nyquist limitation. For example, with a sampling rate of 2KHz, which normally yields frequencies up to 1KHz, Holistic Signals Ltd can retrieve signals in excess of 1.5MHz with an accuracy in the region of 0.15%.

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for analysing and synthesising signal frequencies and also for reducing the bandwidth of transmitted data. Known frequency analysis units generally contain built-in filters, which, as far as possible, block all frequencies of a signal, which exceed the maximum recoverable frequency of the analogue to digital (A/D) converter sampling unit, which is used. The maximum recoverable frequency is generally taken as half of the sampling rate of the A/D converter being used. More generally, in the area of frequency shift techniques, it is expressed that the maximum bandwidth that can be recovered is limited to half the sampled frequency. This consideration is as laid down in the universally stated Nyquist Criteria or as in Shannon’s Sampling Theory.
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